Mr. McIntosh

Teacher - Humanities

My teaching assignment this year includes Social 20, Social 30, Jr. Sports Performance, Sr. Sports Performance, Kindergarten PE, Social 5, Math 2, and Social 9. My coaching assignment this year includes Cross Country (XC) from Grades 1-12, Sr. High Boys Basketball, Sr. High Boys Handball, and Tennis from Grades 9 - 12. In addition, I serve as one of the school representatives to our ATA Local Council and sit on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Bashaw.

Social 20: Causes of WWI

Today we begin our examination of WWI and the subsequent interwar period. Today’s work will involve a webquest wit…


Social 20: Congress of Vienna

No assignment today unless you choose to do the extension at the end of the video (recommended). There is a CRUCIAL unde…


Social 20: Exam Details

Your French Revolution exam is THIS WEEK. It will take place on Google forms. The exam will consist of selected response…


Social 20: Terror & Napoleon

YOUR TASK: Over the next few days we will explore the factors that shape nationalism as they emerged in the French Revol…