This page will serve as the hub for the “flipped classroom” approach for Social 30 students while many are away skiing and playing badminton.

Topic 0: Republican Presidents of the 1920s

This is a continuation of last day’s lesson – focusing, briefly, on the Presidents who oversaw the Roaring 20s and how that might have contributed to the Great Depression.

Video lesson: Republican Presidents of the 1920s

Additional reading: Canadian Prime Minister RB Bennett took the approach of the Republicans for the first few years. When an election loomed, he adopted the principles of FDR, who we will cover in a bit. If nothing else, read the first two paragraphs and take brief notes.

Topic 1: Great Depression

Reading (requires BRSD login): [CLICK]

Accompanying assignment: [CLICK]

Additional reading (slides 22, 61 mandatory): This slide deck is one I don’t use anymore. There are outdated video references but it’s chock full of good photographs and the like. Slide 22 is a good one to copy into notes while Slide 61 is one of the best primary sources in all of Social Studies in my humble opinion. [CLICK]

Topic 2: Keynesian Economics / FDR New Deal

Video lesson: FDR New Deal

Quiz: [CLICK]

Video lesson 2: Demand side vs Supply Side economics

Additional mini video: I referenced the psychology of behaviour in the above lecture. The best analysis of this is Milton Friedman’s Permanent Income Hypothesis. This very brief video outlines that theory in a concise but formal way. Please ensure you watch this one.

Topic 3: Modern Economics

Video lesson: More on supply side / modern era + stagflation

Additional videos both brief: Who is Hayek? and Chocolate Covered Pickles

Criticism of trickle down theory from former US Cabinet Secretary: [CLICK]

Quiz: [CLICK]

Global Recession: Global Recession notes below OR y’know, Crash Course econ