This is Mr. McIntosh before his haircut


We as a Grade 9 class are fundraising for the Saving Grace Animal Shelter as well as Community and Wellness Centre. Our goal is to get to $2000 for us to get Mr. McIntosh a haircut and, if we reach our goal, he will also dye his hair lime green and hot pink. We also have some other benchmarks. Some other dedicated students are also dying their hair.

  • At $1000, Mr. McIntosh gets a haircut
  • At $1500, Mr. McIntosh gets a haircut and gets his hair bleached.
  • At $1500, a Gr 9 boy dyes his hair blonde.
  • At $1500, a Gr 9 boy dyes his hair black.
  • At $2000, Mr. McIntosh gets his hair cut and dyed half lime green and half hot pink.

Ways to Donate:

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  • Cash (find any Bashaw School Grade 9 student)
  • Cheques (made out to Bashaw School)
  • Facebook (contact Mr. McIntosh for the link) *nets you tax receipt*
  • Digital Donation – Rycor/Bashaw School Page

Receipts can be provided; however, charitable tax receipts will only be issued through the PayPal/Facebook portal directly supporting Saving Grace.