Social 20: Everything you could ever need to know about WWI

There is a mass of information you need to consume about WWI. You will do so by producing a Peer Teaching presentation.

Your topics are:

  1. New Weapons
  • How are weapons revised (i.e. plane)
  • New weapons
  • Most interesting weapons
  1. Battles in the West
  • Which nations fought on the Western Front
  • What were the most important battles
  • Who won the battles
  • Maybe a map?
  1. Trenches
  • What was life like in the trenches?
  • Why did they fight this way?
  1. Battles in the East
  • Who fought on the Eastern front?
  • What were the most important battles?
  • Who won and why?
  1. Gallipoli
  • What was the significance of this battle in 1915-16?
  1. Russia
  • Russia is forced to leave early. Why?
  • Who is Lenin, the Bolshevics, Rasputin?
  • What was the Treaty of Brest Litovsk and the impact?
  1. USA
  • Why don’t they enter the war in 1914?
  • What events cause them to enter the war?
  • When did they join the allies?
  • How did their impact affect the course the war?
  1. Post War analysis
  • Why did the Triple Alliance leave the war?
  • Who was Woodrow Wilson and what were his 14 points?
  • What financial and human costs did the war have for the Triple Alliance?
  1. Treaty of Versailles
  • Who attended the Paris Peace Conference?
  • What were the key terms of the Treaty? Who was happy and who was not?
  • What country was forced to sign?
  1. League of Nations
  • What was the purpose of the League of Nations?
  • Who belonged? Who didn’t?
  • Any weaknesses?
  • Examples of failures and successes (1919-39)
  1. Post WWI Europe
  • Compare and contrast the map of Europe before and after WWI.
  • The Germans are intent on revenge for the Treaty, who rises to power and how?

12. Canadian Battles

  • Vimy
  • Passchendale

13. Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna

  • 100 years of peace
  • Metternich system

Your presentation should:

  • Address each sub-section of your assigned category
  • Include relevant information
  • Pictures
  • You can include a video link if you can find one.

Please include a sentence about how your topic reveals one (or more) of the national interests you have learned about—Beliefs & Values, Security & Safety and Economic Prosperity.

Mandatory textbook readings:



Accompanying assignment. (must be logged in)


  1. Terror-And-Napoleon (partway through)
  2. WWI part 1        Part 2
  3. Congress of Vienna Summary
  4. League of Nations
  5. Treaty of Versailles
  6. WWI – Causes of the War PPT


WWI by the numbers infographicWWI Infographic

Wilson’s 14 Points Assignment:

(First only – poster project) Wilsonianism04

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