Social 9: Indigenous views on immigration

Using the sources in class, create an Issue Summary on the topic of Indigenous views on immigration in Canada.

Your job is to create an issue summary of the task as if you were presenting to a Deputy Minister or similar affected. The issue summary must include the following components, in plain language and with your sources listed:

  • Perspective of various Indigenous voices and views should be central to your summary
  • Perspective of any formal groups (ie. AFN) that are involved
  • Perspective of the Canadian and/or Provincial/Territorial governments
  • Perspective of other stakeholders that may be affected

Within your response, you must also include:

  • Reference to the Indian Act, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and other central documents as they pertain to this topic
  • Reference to specific quotes from primary sources

Finally, you must prepare an argument on how you think the government should proceed with immigration policies while considering Indigenous perspectives. Your sources of information must be provided.

Central source

Secondary sources: (Govt response:

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