Cold War Sim: Intelligence Briefing – Film

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Film was an effective battleground for the superpowers during the Cold War, and in many ways, has continued since.

During the Cold War the ideological basis of these depictions was clear; it was a battle for the hearts and minds of each nation’s population. Cinema was an effective weapon. The ideological battle between America and Russia has gone largely under the radar in recent years, but it certainly didn’t end with the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The History of America and Russia’s Cinematic Cold War” by Emma Piper-Burket on

It wasn’t all James Bond portrayals of the Cold War however. Like modern co-productions with the Chinese state, during periods of detente, there were attempts to exchange film (and filmmakers) between the superpowers.

Each era of Cold War films has different themes. The 80s is comparatively violent, focusing on action flicks, while the 60s was about the paranoia of dropping the atomic bombs.

The Non-Aligned Movement hopes this info proves valuable, Commander.

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