Social 20: Film Review of They Shall Not Grow Old

Good morning. Today we’re utilizing our Criterion subscription to view They Shall Not Grow Old.

Your task is to write a 300-500 word review of the film that:

  • examines the MAIN (5) causes of WWI as they ripple into the war proper (4 marks)
  • addresses examples of (ultra)nationalism from WWI (4 marks)
  • explores consequences of the above (ultra)nationalist actions, both positive and negative (4 marks)
  • includes a critique of the film and its elements on an artistic, media, bias, etc basis. Such a critique should be guided by conventional film reviews or a document such as the one attached below (4 marks)
  • is clearly communicated and effectively written (4 marks)
  • contains a star rating of between one and five stars


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