Social 20: Revolution

Today we’re talking about revolutions.

  1. What are the essential ingredients to a political revolution? Are there any likely revolutions happening today? WATCH THIS FIRST. Then read some articles from the Padlet below. Add your video response to the class Flipgrid!
  2. Here’s our class Padlet link. (This will change in the future so don’t bookmark it.) As you explore revolutions, add new sources, respond to the sources I’ve provided, etc. with any understandings gathered. You can ask questions on here too. The Padlet scrolls down as far as you need it so don’t feel like you need to jam in with the stuff I’ve posted. These links will also be useful for answering above and below.
  3. Assignment – revolution revolt social 20 Complete on the revolution I assign you below for Wednesday check in.
    • SA, CB, MC — The Nicaraguan Revolution (1979)
    • KH, HK, DS, SS — The American Revolution
    • JD, SK, NG — The Haitian Revolution (1794-1804ish)
    • AP, RS, AV — The Russian Revolution
    • BV, GW — The Cuban Revolution (1956-59)
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