Social 20: Welcome to Quarantine and Contending Loyalties

Good morning!

With a confirmed COVID-19 case in part of your cohort many (all?) of you are working from home. Today is a transitional day while I make phone calls to you and your families but beginning tomorrow we will meet each morning at 9 AM.

A reminder that your patriotism assignment (McCain/Obama) is due today.

Today’s JamBoard overview:

I am available all through the morning on Google Meet. Join me for support with the code mack


Set up Google Drive folder. Share it with me!


Create the following sub-folders: Projects, Essays, Assignments, Notes

FLIPGRID should be joined by going here

Join with Google then play around and record a response to the welcome topic!


In your notes, write YOUR definition of the words nation, state, nation-state, nationalism, and patriotism, and drop that in the NOTES folder you made above. This will be a check in task for completion.


Exploring Nationalism Ch04

Read pp 88-98

Take note of any and all NON NATIONAL LOYALTIES identified in the chapter and be able to provide an example of each.


Watch the following (short) documentary. Identify any LOYALTIES (national or non-national) that you can find. Where possible, identify CONTENDING loyalties, the loyalties people have that are at odds with one another. Put this in your notes folder.

Content warning: animal remains

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