Social 30: Is X A Dictator?

Using your knowledge of the techniques of a dictatorship, research the following figures and evaluate their rise to power…

SOCIAL 30-2: Some have argued that Donald Trump is engaging in authoritarian rule. Research these claims: is he really? What evidence supports this? Which evidence contradicts this? Is Donald Trump authoritarian?

SOCIAL 30-1: NATO ally Turkey is in flux right now–it is a predominant landing zone for refugees from Syria–but its democracy has also been questioned. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has solidified his power since becoming President (previously, he was Prime Minister) and many have claimed his actions make him a dictator. Research his actions since taking over the presidency–is he a dictator? Why are his allies, such as Canada, willing to overlook these claims? Examine, also, the attempted coup in 2016…was it a true attempt at overthrowing Erdogan, or was it orchestrated by him? Provide evidence.

3.6 analyze the extent to which liberal democracies reflect illiberal thought and practice

2.9 evaluate ideological systems that rejected principles of liberalism

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