Social 30: Soft Power

Hello, Commander.

Soft Power is a new form of power the United States–and to a lesser degree, the Soviet Union–is exerting through this Cold War. Our members may be won over with displays of athleticism, scientific prowess, or cultural supremacy yet. Soft Power is one way into our…hearts. Combined with propaganda, Soft Power is a game changer, both in periods of heightened tension and detente.

Read about it and take notes from the following sources:

Soft Power in a Cold War: Challenges of Reaching out to the Soviets

Soft Power

Think Again: Soft Power

One arena in which Soft Power was exercised was through chess.

Read about it here.

Here’s a period piece about another chess era in the Cold War.

Your challenge is to solve the following chess puzzles, seeking a checkmate in as few moves as possible. Each successful solution will add 10 pts to your total for the challenge below.

Film was another. The team with the most points earned from film trivia at the end of class will win in an advantage in an upcoming challenge.

Answer the questions found in this doc and win the movie. Points will be tallied at the end of class (each movie has a point total inside plus chess solutions are worth extra).


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