Social 7: Louis Riel, Metis, and Questions

Using this set of modules, your textbook, and other links found below, answer the following questions.

  1. What do we call the location of the Red River settlement today?
  2. There was great tension between two groups of people living in the Red River Colony in the early 1800s. Who were these groups?
  3. How did the Metis make a living?
  4. What company was in competition with the Hudson Bay Company?
  5. Why did the governor of Red River Colony create the Pemmican Proclamation? How did the Metis react to this?
  6. The Canadian government thought Rupert’s Land would make good farmland. They sent surveyors to Red River without telling the First Nations or Metis. What happened next?
  7. Why was Louis Riel chosen to lead the Metis?
  8. How did the people in Ontario and Quebec react to the execution of Thomas Scott by the Metis Provisional Government?
  9. What act created the province of Manitoba? What rights did it guarantee?
  10. What problems did the Metis still face in Manitoba and into the West?
  11. Why was the government ignoring the Metis concerns?
  12. Who was Gabriel Dumont, and how did his role in the Metis rebellion compare to that of Louis Riel?
  13. What was Louis Riel charged with? What does his charge mean/entail? How did he die? Why did SirJAM take this route?
  14. What similarities and differences exist between the causes of the Red River Resistance in 1869 and the causes of the second Métis uprising in 1885? Complete a venn diagram or t-chart.
  15. Identify a minimum of 8 symbols of the Metis people.

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