Social 9: Ch 7 Questions

  1. Define Consumerism
  2. Define Quality of Life
  3. What impact can consumer behaviour have on the environment?
  4. How do impacts on the environment affect Quality of Life?
  5. How might marketing affect consumer behaviour?
  6. What are the 5 factors that guide your behaviours as a consumer?
  7. How does the banning/limiting of junk food connect to the ideas of a mixed economy? Explain.
  8. List two measures of economic growth.
  9. How do tax breaks encourage more spending in the economy?
  10. Provide a current example of a TESTIMONIAL.
  11. Define and give an example of a boycott.
  12. What does “per capita” mean?
  13. How does consumerism affect Quality of Life?
  14. How do views on consumerism differ regionally across North America?
  15. What does GDP estimate?
  16. How does choosing a product affect the jobs people have?
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In a typical year I teach a range of courses from elementary to high school. I am our school's Social Studies specialist, teaching high school social, as well as a member of the PE team.

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