Social 9: Demand Work 2021

Today we’re going to flip our class operation.

You’ll watch the video I made demonstrating demand graphing from last year. In it are practice questions and I’m attaching a note-taker to support as well.

As you progress through the video I will be on Google Meet to take quick questions and help support. As discussed before we transitioned, we’re using the video so you can stop and go back, revisiting ideas if you’re stuck. This is relatively easy graphing but it’s time consuming.

STOP THE VIDEO at 13:20 and complete the questions. These will be discussed today at 1:20 and will be marked based on completion (homework check).

When the video resumes, those questions immediately after are for you to think about…no need to formally do them yet. You’ll see a variation of them at the end of the video you need to complete later on as a summative task.

From there, we’ll hop over to Flipgrid.

Find a news article from the last year that you can use to demonstrate a change to supply and demand. Use the article to explain the following changes: supply, demand, quantity demanded, and price. You will post that in Flipgrid under Economics in Real Life Part 2. Be sure to share the link with me. I will open up video responses on this, as well, so you can respond to your peers if you see any items they aren’t clear on in their response.

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