Social 9: Two Quick Quizzes

As we prepare for our unit exam on Thursday, complete the following quick quizzes, which may help you remember key concepts and get you used to multiple choice questions. When everyone is finished we’ll use our groups, found below, to work through the questions.

Individual Rights – Fundamental Freedoms

Collective Rights – Indigenous Rights

Once you’re done, you can start researching your assigned treaty (task found here) based on the following groupings:

4 – SA, BG, DH, TR, BW

6 – LC, AH, QH, EL, KM

7 – ZC, CH, OL, AL, JS

8 – KD, NF, NJ, CM, SS

10 – RD, AG, SK, IP, CW

Mr. McIntosh

Teacher - Humanities

In a typical year I teach a range of courses from elementary to high school. I am our school's Social Studies specialist, teaching high school social, as well as a member of the PE team.

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