Social 9: Supply & Demand Assignment

There are two parts to today’s assignment.

  1. Complete the following questions–using graphs or other tools where needed–and submit them. Be clear in your labeling of the graphs and any changes if you use them:
    • Explain what happens to the demand for hamburger buns when beef patties are at an all time high price.
    • Paul Dunphy of Global Calgary predicts the rest of the month is rainy and overcast. What happens to the demand of sunglasses?
    • A new tax is added to businesses making all things sugared: candy, cereal, pop, basically anything our boys buy up town at lunch. What will happen to the supply?
    • Unusually good weather has occurred and our producers are getting record yields of their crops. What will happen to the supply of salad kits?
  2. Find a news article from the last year that you can use to demonstrate a change to supply and demand. Use the article to explain the following changes: supply, demand, quantity demanded, and price. You will post that in Flipgrid under Economics in Real Life Part 2. Be sure to share the link with me. I will open up video responses on this, as well, so you can respond to your peers if you see any items they aren’t clear on in their response.
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