Social 9: Wet’suwet’en / CGL Pipeline Protest or Blockade

Right now a major current event is ongoing throughout our country; in fact, as of 4AM, this protest/blockade has hit Alberta.

Your job is to create an issue summary of the task as if you were presenting to a Deputy Minister or similar affected. The issue summary must include the following components, in plain language and with your sources listed:

  • Perspective of the “land defenders” / environmentalists
  • Perspective of the First Nations (both hereditary chiefs and elected) including the Assembly of First Nations
  • Perspective of the corporations involved (CGL, railways, etc)
  • Perspective of the Federal Government / Official Opposition
  • Perspective of pro-pipeline voices

Within your response, you must also include:

  • Reference to the Indian Act as it pertains to this current event
  • Reference to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it pertains to this current event
  • Reference to past land claims / disputes over land (ie. Oka, Nunavut, Lubicon Lake)

Finally, you must prepare an argument on how you think this should end. You should convincingly make the case either for the protesters or for resource development using a fact based approach. Your sources of information must be provided.

Mr. McIntosh

Teacher - Humanities

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