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  1. Your first task is to research James Marcia’s Identity Status Theory and its four stages. Provide a brief summary of each stage and give specific examples. In your summary, tell me what you think of each and if you’ve personally been through these stages. The more personal your responses the better!
  2. Then, tell me about team building and team psychology that you’ve experienced. Consider each of the following:
    • rivalries on team (positive and negative)
    • positive team behaviours
    • negative team behaviours
    • how does team behavior work in team sports? How does it affect individual sports?
    • how can a coach develop team-building? players?


Create a fitness plan (that you will lead the class through) that builds flexibility. The program should use a minimum of six activities, it should incorporate breaks, be presented without the use of any notes, include accommodations, and be positive in all ways. It must be structured around FITT.


Come up with a strategy to measure the dimensions of flexibility. Your plan must include measuring individual flexibility–and include a plan to increase flexibility in written form–as well as an approach for measuring the success of group fitness routines around flexibility!

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