Sp Pf: Split Fitness Paths

We will be splitting our work across three levels for right now.

Grade 10:

  • Identify the health related components of fitness (5)
  • Identify the performance related components of fitness (6)
  • Using FITT create an activity routine that applies to ONE health related component (or more) and ONE performance related component (or more).


  • Create your own fitness plan that can be implemented through the month of October.
  • It must include both health and performance components of fitness.
  • It must be in the FITT format and include the principles of overload and specificity where applicable.
  • You must create relevant SMART goals that are to be met by your routine.
  • Baseline measurements of your performance/health are necessary.
  • A reflection on the successes and failures will be submitted.

Grade 11:

You are to create and instruct four brief workouts and/or circuits. They are to theme around:


-Strength, Power, Endurance



You must use FITT/overload/specificity to create and lead these workouts/circuits.

Grade 12:

You are to design and facilitate a cardiovascular training session that incorporates one or more methods of cardiovascular training with consideration of the FITT principle. Those methods may include:

1 interval training
2 cross-training
3 long slow distance training
4 tempo pace training

Additionally, you are to administer the following assessments around aerobic intensity to yourself and/or classmates as applicable:

2.1.1 perceived exertion
2.1.2 heart rate; e.g., radial or carotid pulse
2.1.3 heart rate monitors
2.1.4 resting heart rate
2.1.5 talk
2.1.6 time
2.1.7 training to zones

Finally, you are to provide constructive feedback on the Grade 11 cardio lessons.

Mr. McIntosh

Teacher - Humanities

My teaching assignment this year includes Social 20, Social 30, Jr. Sports Performance, Sr. Sports Performance, Kindergarten PE, Social 5, Math 2, and Social 9. My coaching assignment this year includes Cross Country (XC) from Grades 1-12, Sr. High Boys Basketball, Sr. High Boys Handball, and Tennis from Grades 9 - 12. In addition, I serve as one of the school representatives to our ATA Local Council and sit on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Bashaw.

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