Ag Safety: HCS Tie In Task

Your project will require you to create a tool that will teach others about the standards and practices that would protect them in the agricultural workplace. This tool can be a video, a presentation using a program such as Microsoft PowerPoint, an audio clip, an instructional game, or another format.

You can focus your tool so that it is specific to your agricultural worksite or a worksite that you would choose to work on. You need to teach about the standards and practices related to two types of hazards studied in Training Room 2.

With your Risk Management Tutorial your target will be to

  • promote awareness of the two specific hazards you have chosen to focus on

create a plan to safely use specific standards and practices to establish safe working conditions and prevent injury when working with these two potential hazards in your agricultural area of specialization


Choose your focus. Begin by choosing to focus your tutorial on the standards and practices for safety in two of the following potential hazards:



ladder use

confined spaces

workplace chemical use and storage

  • Find your information. Do some research to find the important standards for establishing safe working conditions and essential practices to prevent injury in your chosen areas using
    • videos, interactive activities, and text resources provided throughout the training room
    • onlline resources that you find and assess as valid and reliable on safety awareness materials currently available to you on your worksite
    • discussions with supervisors and fellow employees on your worksite
    • personal observations made when touring your worksite
  • Create and design. Create a Risk Management Tutorial that is a communication tool that
    • identifies the details how each hazard you have chosen could be present in your worksite
    • identifies the plans, strategies, tests, or practices that would be need to be in place and followed to ensure a safe working environment for workers in your workplace
  • Submit your work.


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