CALM: Advice For You & Writing Prompts

Attached: Advice For You PPT

Writing Prompts (2/3, min half page each)

  1. Rule 5 – flipping burgers isn’t beneath you.

What career do you see yourself entering? Identify the career pathway and the likelihood, as you see it, of being laid off from that line of work or facing periods of unemployment.


  1. Rule 6 – if you mess up, it isn’t your parent’s fault.

Tell me about a time you made a large mistake that drew your parents’ attention. How did you deal with it? Did your parents assist you with this? How?


  1. Rule 11 – be nice to nerds

Tell me about the geekiest/nerdiest aspect about yourself. How can you turn that (which some may see as a negative) into a positive feature that will help you take control of your life and find success? Give specific examples.

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