Cross Country Running Permission Form 2017/18

ALL Students at Bashaw School must complete the OFF CAMPUS RUN/WALK PERMISSION FORM.

This form covers:

  • The Cross Country running team
  • Running in PE and Sports Performance classes
  • The Terry Fox Run
  • Science Walks (course dependent)

Initial in the applicable boxes and SIGN at the bottom

Students who do not complete this form for me will sit out during the cross country unit in Sports Performance and instead will do work on the physics of running.

Students joining the XC team must have this form to attend practices. Events will have a separate form.

XC Permission 2017

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Mr. McIntosh

Teacher - Humanities

In a typical year I teach a range of courses from elementary to high school. I am our school's Social Studies specialist, teaching high school social, as well as a member of the PE team.

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