Sports Performance: Sports Psych Attentional Control

Watch the videos as a class on the flipgrid.

Chrome Cart D is booked.

Complete the activities included in each. At the end of the third video pause on the list of sports. Take it in for 15 seconds. Then turn off the video and try to write down all the sports you saw in 30 seconds. Bonus points if you get them in the right order!!!

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Grades 10/11:

Answer the following questions:

Identify a list of common or recurring distractions that you experience in your sport (pick your preferred sport if you’re multisport).

What kind of things do you do to get ready for a game? To get focused?


Read the attached article and answer the questions that go with it.



Grade 12:

  1. Your first task is to research James Marcia’s Identity Status Theory and its four stages (identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium, and identity achievement). Provide a brief summary of each stage and give specific examples. In your summary, tell me what you think of each and if you’ve personally been through these stages. The more personal your responses the better! Please note this isn’t explicitly sports theory but is required under the REC2050 program of studies — this is meant to help you get a sense of what’s to come in your life!

2. Then, tell me about team building and team psychology that you’ve experienced. Consider each of the following:

  • rivalries on team (positive and negative)
  • positive team behaviours
  • negative team behaviours
  • how does team behavior work in team sports? How does it affect individual sports?
  • how can a coach develop team-building? players?
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