Smash Bros Tournament


Will be determined within House League Teams. The team with the most entrants will receive higher seeding automatically, with each team guaranteed one top four ranking.

Eagles – 6 spots – 1st seed, 5th seed, 7th seed, 10th seed, 13th seed, 15th seed

Dragons – 5 spots – 2nd seed, 6th seed, 8th seed, 11th seed, 14th seed

Wolverines – 3 spots – 3rd seed, 9th seed, 12th seed

Kodiaks – 2 spots – 4th seed, 16th seed

Seeding will be done with Dragons and Wolverines on March 29th; Eagles and Kodiaks on March 30th.

This round will have ITEMS OFF (except Smash Ball), RANDOM STAGE (a few will be blacklisted), TIMED SMASH (2 minutes), with each player participating in a minimum of 3 rounds (Eagles and Dragons) or 2 rounds (Wolverines and Kodiaks).


This tournament is a DOUBLE KNOCKOUT meaning a player must lose twice to be eliminated from the tournament. No player can be eliminated in the first round; they are simply moved to the loser’s bracket. It is still possible for a player in this bracket to win the whole tournament.


The following stages are legal for ALL rounds.

Final Destination



Lylat Cruise

Town and City

Ω form versions of Wily CastleSuzaku Castle, and Midgar

The following stages are legal ONLY for the first three rounds:

  • Castle Siege
  • Duck Hunt
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Skyloft
  • Wuhu Island
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Ω form of Boxing Ring

Stage selection:

First stage is picked by the higher seed. Subsequent matches in a round are determined by the LOSER of the prior match.


Best of three series. Stock match (3). Time set to 6 minutes. If time expires, lowest % + stock combination determines winner.

Sudden death:

A match that goes to SUDDEN DEATH will be decided by the player whose move initiated the death (ie. Inhaled by Kirby, Ganondorf’s side B, etc) receiving the win.

Character selection:

Winner of last match Loser of last match Stage Changed?
Cannot change Can change No
Cannot change Can change (doesn’t) Yes
Can change Can change (does – selects first) Yes

Mii Fighters, custom moves, and equipment are all considered BANNED.


OFF in all rounds but Seeding.

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