Soc 20: My definitions of nationalism/patriotism + Weekly Links

Over the past few days we’ve been struggling with the concepts of nation, state, and nation-state.

Necessarily, this conversation has evolved to include the differences–if they exist–between nationalism and patriotism. You’ve also been exposed to a new term: ultranationalism. I gave you a set of definitions to be included in your notes, but, fair warning, these definitions will evolve over time.

For this coming week:

Obama on patriotism

John McCain on patriotism

Links from last week:

CBC article on Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and his inappropriate joke re: the Premier

Alternate view:

And yes, Notley accepted his apology.

As for other things, we had some fun with one of my favourite (American) political resources…Politifact.

Here’s Trump’s most recent PANTS ON FIRE

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