Soc 20: Quebec

We’ve studied a lot on Quebec lately. Once all the presentations are in I’ll upload them here.

Quebec and Quebecois nationalism is thematically joined across our Related Issues and across the textbook.

From the Program of Studies:

1.9 analyze nationalism as an identity, internalized feeling and/or collective consciousness shared by a people (French Revolution and Napoleonic era, Canadian nationalism, Québécois nationalism, American nationalism, First Nations and Métis nationalism, Inuit perspectives)

1.10 evaluate the importance of reconciling contending nationalist loyalties (Canadian nationalism, First Nations and Métis nationalism, ethnic nationalism in Canada, civic nationalism in Canada, Québécois nationalism, Inuit perspectives on nationalism)

2.9 analyze impacts of the pursuit of national self-determination (successor states; decolonization; Québécois nationalism and sovereignty movement; First Nations, Métis and Inuit self-government; contemporary examples)

4.6 examine historical perspectives of Canada as a nation (Louis LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin, the Fathers of Confederation, First Nations treaties and the Indian Act, Métis and Inuit self-governance, Louis Riel, Sir Clifford Sifton, Henri Bourassa, French-Canadian nationalism, Pierre Trudeau, National Indian Brotherhood)

4.7 evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with the promotion of Canadian national unity (Québec sovereignty, federal–provincial–territorial relations, Aboriginal self-determination and land claims, bilingualism, multiculturalism)

Your Homework:

Pages 78-79 –> Both questions

Pages 308-309 –> Analyze political cartoon

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