Social 10: Current Events – World Cup

Today we’re spending our time examining criticisms of World Cup host Qatar.

Amnesty International Weighs In

People have criticized the Qatari regime for 9 years

Let’s listen to NPR

(This video is good but the comments are better.)

The Washington Post tries to bring balance to the discussion

Germany’s protest wasn’t about workers – but it helps contextualize things



Your task is to create a one page ISSUE SUMMARY. You are briefing me, as a Sr Government Official, on whether Canada should support this year’s World Cup. Citing sources, you will create a 1-2 page summary of ALL sides of the issue, using quotes, actual facts, and citing your sources–a minimum of 4– along the way. Your Issue Summary needs to be focused around this question: To what extent should Canada support the 2022 World Cup in light of Qatar’s human rights abuses? Your opinion will be evident throughout your issue summary but must never be stated (as in “I believe”). You are not limited to the sources I selected above.

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