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Link to TRC Calls to Action:


Residential Schools Interactive: *abuse including sexual abuse mentioned in videos*

Your task, in partners, is to brainstorm about the steps, actions and training you will need in order to produce a report that lays out a pathway to success. What actions are involved?  What is the government actually being asked to do? (ie. funding, legislating, gathering information, developing programs, collaborating, etc.)

Who will you need to work with?  What processes might be put in place to build necessary collaborations?  What training will be necessary?  What experts need to be consulted? What timelines might you consider?

Your team has been asked to restrict their focus to the first 42 recommendations, which are grouped into five different topics:

  • Health
  • Child Welfare
  • Language and Culture
  • Justice
  • Education

Be prepared to share a 3 minute summary of the ‘state of your work’ to your colleagues working on the other topics.

In order to be successful, you’ll need to limit yourself to only a handful of recommendations.

Can you find evidence that anything has been accomplished in response to
this Call to Action at either a local, provincial or country‐wide level? Be aware — it’s possible that no action at any level has occurred in relation to your selection.

Additional questions to consider

  1. If progress has been made, which level of government initiated the progress? What are your thoughts regarding what has been done?
  2. If no progress has been made, what suggestions could be made to start the process for any level of government?
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