Social 10: Rwanda

10-1 here, 10-2/4 go waaaaaaay down….

This is a cartoon aimed at younger audiences but we’ll use it for our purposes. In your NOTES (ie. google docs) include a summary of each page of the comic strip. Each page should be reflected in your summary though the summary should not exceed two pages. Highlight the impact on children, women, and the broader community and describe the role of various actors (government, business, individuals, etc) in the healing process. Tie in, where applicable, how this connects to our course outcomes:

2.8 explore the relationship between historical globalization and imperialism

2.9 examine multiple perspectives on the political, economic and social impacts of historical globalization and imperialism

2.11 analyze contemporary global issues that have origins in policies and practices of post-colonial governments in Canada and other locations

2.13 examine legacies of historical globalization and imperialism that continue to influence globalization

4.7 evaluate relationships between globalization and democratization and human rights

4.9 explore multiple perspectives regarding the civic responsibilities that individuals, governments, organizations and businesses may have in addressing opportunities and challenges presented by globalization


Answer the question: “Who is to blame for the genocide in Rwanda?

Consider colonialism / imperialism, ethnic groups, the UN, and the role of individuals.

You are to consider this comic along with three articles of your choosing (from the list below or your own research). One of those articles must involve Romeo Dallaire. At least ONE must also be a *’d article.

Articles to consider:







Who is to blame for the genocide in Rwanda?


Consider this question:

“Are we our brother’s or sister’s keeper (meaning)? What responsibility do we have for the safety and care of family? Friends? Neighbors? People in other countries?”

Use evidence from the comic strip to justify your response and make no fewer than five connections (-2) / three connections (-4). Personal connections should enhance your response.

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