Social 20: Arctic Sovereignty

As transition from RI2 to RI3, with some RI1 goodness for extra measure, we are exploring questions of who owns the arctic.

Such an examination allows us to better understand all four motivations for nation-state involvement in international affairs: as the Northwest Passage opens, the changing realities of the arctic will create humanitarian, economic, security, environmental, and other impacts.

You will examine sources and complete multiple tasks…

Step One: International Organizations

There are two particularly relevant organizations for Canada in this region: The Arctic Council and NORAD.

Read about NORAD: NORAD explainer on Canada’s role from our military

Read about the Arctic CouncilArctic Council Backgrounder

Then, explain the purpose of Canada’s involvement in these International Organizations, noting how the four nation-state motivations for international involvement pertain.

Step Two: Who Owns the Arctic

The big question: Does Canada have the strongest case of ownership of the Arctic region ? If you were the deciding adjudicator, who’s evidence & support is strongest and why?

You will research, in detail, the claims of Canada and one other country/stakeholder of your choice in the Arctic over “ownership”. Establishing the case of who gets what in the arctic, both for your pair of research topics and for all claimants, is important.

Step one: Assess the validity of your sources (tool: Owning_the_Arctic_SIOP_Website_Analysis)

Step two: Explain why the stakeholder has the best case for ownership (and why your other does not) Owning_the_Arctic_Summary_The_Case_for_Arctic_Boundaries

Step three: Draw the Arctic boundaries you’d assign (and explain why) Owning_the_Arctic_Drawing_the_New_Arctic_Boundaries

Step Three: Enrichment

Read about ONE of the following two topics pertaining to the challenges of occupying our northern regions. The links provided are STARTING POINTS ONLY for your inquiry.

Attawapiskat and youth suicide: [LINK]

High Arctic Relocation: [LINK]

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