Social 20 Political Cartoon Scavenger Hunt

Your task is to find 15 political cartoons that meet the below requirements–without duplication–and give me a brief synopsis on each, focusing in on the meaning of the symbols included.

You may work in partners for this task and submit via a Google Doc.

When completed, you will take the Political Cartoon analysis sheet from the front of the room and find a cartoon that expresses Canadian nationalism to complete the task.


Scavenger hunt cartoons (no duplications!):

  • Trump and Trudeau in same cartoon
  • Cartoon featuring dangerous animal
  • Historical cartoon by Dr. Seuss (ie. on war)
  • A dove
  • The Grim Reaper
  • A tv set
  • Road signs
  • Matryoshka dolls
  • A famous landmark
  • Symbol of corporation/business
  • Angel AND devil in same cartoon
  • Reporters/media
  • A holiday character
  • “Millenials”
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