Social 20: Importance of Current Events + Weekly Links

I wanted to explain the significance of current events last class and I made a passionate plea: Everything in the world is interconnected, from the price you pay for gas to the current President of the United States, and knowing about these connections gives you power.

I believe that strongly.

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. You may have noticed several flags at half mast around Alberta. Make no mistake: That event has had one of the largest impacts on both foreign and domestic policy in the United States of any in my lifetime. To live in ignorance to it is to miss important connections around you.

When I was in school–in a much lower grade than you–the attacks took place. My teacher, Mme. Graham, spent much of the morning discussing the meaning of the attacks, giving us accurate information, and so forth. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. What’s important to note here is that we spent the time discussing it because it mattered.

She couldn’t possibly have known the ripple effect it’d have then. (Indeed, early reports believed the attacks to be a misguided plane, rather than an act of terror.)

So…study up.

Weekly Links:

We discussed Kiviaq. Here’s a follow-up interview with him from 2008 where he discusses some of the ongoing issues Inuit are having.

Saturday was World Suicide Prevention Day.

CTV has a news article about that.

Better, Superman, a symbol of nationalism if I’ve ever seen one, has an amazing mini story from a comic book arc that was otherwise not well received. Worth a click and the five minute read.

The Dakota Access Pipeline may be a big issue this term. Here’s a CBC piece interviewing four people on why this issue matters.

Team North America downed Team Europe again. I still don’t understand why we have both continents and countries in this World Cup, but that’s not for me to know.

More on that portrait hanging we talked about. Oh, Redford will be under investigation again due to what is being dubbed “Tobaccogate“.

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