Social 20: Origins of our nation and responsible government

Good morning.

We’ll be going over a bit of history you may/may not remember from Grade 7, with pre-confederation history and the creation of responsible government. We’re exploring, in brief, Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin.

In your notes folder, jot down definitions for the key terms and answer the 5W key questions.

Key terms: responsible government, oligarchy, assimilation

Key questions:

  • What is Responsible Government?
  • Who is Responsible Government responsible to? Who were strong
    advocates for Responsible Government in British North America?
  • Why did politicians in British North America want Responsible Government?
  • When was Responsible Government first granted in British North America?
  • Where was Responsible Government first granted in British North America?

Lesson materialResponsible Government Lafontaine Baldwin

Assignment material: Responsible_Government_-_Primary_Sources_-_Durham_Report_Quotes


You will need to reference material–mine or otherwise–on Lord Durham/The Durham Report, the 1841 Act of Union, and the united Province of Canada.

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