Social 20: Causes of WWI

Today we begin our examination of WWI and the subsequent interwar period.

Today’s work will involve a webquest with Flipgrid response at the bottom.


*Evidence can come from the film study, the notes below, or the interactive*

The Great War itself is not really a part of our curriculum. However, the beginning and end of the war are in our curriculum (weird, I know) so we will keep those ideas in mind.

You need to know that the causes of WWI are what I call the MAIN 5.





5(S)tupid People -assassination, sinking of the Lusitania, people spoiling for a fight (thinking war is grand)

Read about MAINworld-war-1-causes-basic


Today’s major assessment is a webquest using an award winning interactive medium.


You must watch AND interact with  the following components of the feature:

  1. Origins       3. Empires    6. Endings

Additionally, watch and interact with at least one other segment of the interactive.

ASSESSMENT: Questions are on Flipgrid (mcintosh201) for your response though you do not need to use FG if you don’t want to. I still recommend the platform though.

Note: You may use any segments except 1, 6, & 7 for your answers. Additionally, They Shall Not Grow Old, which we’ll watch tomorrow, may be used.

All material including the documentary and interactive may be used to fill out your note taker above.

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