Social 20: International Organization

Outcome:  3.7 analyze the extent to which selected organizations promote internationalism

Parameters: Five (5) minute presentation / micro-teach
Topic: As assigned by instructor

Required information:

  • General details about organization (list of members, date it was founded, etc)
  • Reason the organization exists (mission statement + additional context about its founding if needed)
  • Governance structure (how is the organization run? Who are the key decision makers? What is its budget? Are all members equal contributors? Are observers permitted?)
  • Challenges and opportunities (aka successes and failures – focus on a few key events in the org’s history)


World Council of Indigenous Peoples – OO/BJ

La Francophonie – JS/JA

European Space Agency – TP/KZ

Arctic Council – DH

Commonwealth – KB/LA


African Union – CV

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