Social 20: The French Revolution

Today we’re going to explore the earliest aspects of the French Revolution.

France was–along with the United States–among the earliest places a sense of nation developed. But what does it take to make a nation? (For the below audio file you likely need to be logged in to BRSD.)

YOUR TASK: Over the next few days we will explore the factors that shape nationalism as they emerged in the French Revolution. Using the accompanying note takers, complete notes on the factors.

BRANCHING PATHWAYS: There are three ways to get through this first wave of content over the coming days. Feel free to use any combination of them.

  1. Go it alone. I’ll give you my PowerPoint and you can fly solo. For this first part you’ll want to stop at slide 29. McIntoshFrenchRevolution
  2. I lecture over the videos. Here’s part one.
  3. Watch the incredible History channel production up to the 23 minute mark for now. (There are some inaccuracies we can talk about in office hours.) Viewing guide to support you. French Revolution Video Questions to Follow Along


  1. The French Rev is scattered throughout your textbook. Use the index to find sections (early chapters).
  2. Our padlet back channel will be posted below (embedded). Use it to add information about each time period we’re learning about, important facts/dates, etc. Or use the HELP ME section to get support.


Factors note taker to be submitted for Monday. (Google Doc)


Parts 2 and 3 will be posted for Monday and include a note taker to help you focus on the main events. Part 4 will include the very bloody Reign of Terror and Napoleon. Flipgrid responses to questions are coming too! (First question — what’s the most important factor that led to the French Rev!)

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