Social 30: Dictators Research Task

Both 30-1 and 30-2 will be researching dictatorships with an eye towards their resistance of liberalism. Furthermore, these figures often played a part in the Cold War or were in power as a result of the Cold War. Finally, knowing one regime inside and out is helpful with respect to the diploma.

Other than today, there will be no formal class time to work on this (however, the remnants each day will be given to work on this).

June 1st is the last day I will accept submissions in order to mark this in time for SAMs. Submissions received prior to May 24 will receive feedback and may be revised prior to the final deadline.

Social 30-2: Your task is to create a report card based on your assigned dictator.

MB – Stalin

AD – Hitler

CL – Mussolini

Assignment: Dictator Report Card

Social 30-1: Your task is to write a formal research paper on the dictator of your choice (as confirmed with me). The paper should focus on the following elements:

  • How the dictator came to power
  • Description of dictator’s ideology
  • How the dictator holds power
  • Attempts to destabilize/overthrow the dictator (ties with above)
  • Fall of the dictator
  • Status of the regime today

In all cases, you must make DIRECT connections to the principles of liberalism. That is to say, discussions on the various freedoms associated with liberalism. Where appropriate, connections to Hobbes and Machiavelli should be made.

As this is your only research paper, citations MUST BE USED. The approved style for this class is Chicago/Turabian: you may choose to use footnotes or in text parenthetical. (Historians typically use footnotes while political science trends towards the latter: As such, I accept either as long as you’re consistent.)

You should use a minimum of five reliable sources.

List to choose from:

  • Baby Doc (Haiti) -SH
  • Fidel Castro (Cuba) -JD
  • Tito (Yugoslavia) -MJ
  • Fulgencio Batista (Cuba)
  • Kim Il-sung (N. Korea)
  • Kim Jong-il (N. Korea)
  • Kim Jong-un (N. Korea) -JB
  • Putin (Russia) -JF
  • Nicolae Caeusescu (Romania) -MR
  • Augusto Pinochet (Chile)
  • Pol Pot (Cambodia) -YK
  • Suharto (Indonesia)
  • Milosevic (Yugoslavia/Serbia) -JM
  • Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) – KD
  • Mao Zedong – QK
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