Social 30: Modern Luddites

The ideas presented by the Luddites, utopian socialists, and other groups that resisted liberalism still seem to be in motion today: Jobs are being lost because of machines; urbanization is on the rise; and, starkly, there seems to be new industries emerging by the moment.

This article (and the questions at the bottom of it) from Arizona State University and Slate has you consider the role of Luddism in today’s society. Answers should not exceed 3/4 of a page.

Modern Luddite Assignment Bottom

This meets outcomes:

2.13 evaluate the extent to which resistance to the principles of liberalism is justified

2.8 analyze the evolution of modern liberalism as a response to classical liberalism

4.8 evaluate the extent to which ideology should shape responses to contemporary issues
4.9 develop strategies to address local, national and global issues that demonstrate individual and collective leadership
4.10 explore opportunities to demonstrate active and responsible citizenship through individual and collective action

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