Social 30: Government Surveillance

First, we’ll be watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.


Answer the following questions: How much of your privacy would you give up to feel safe? Is privacy an essential individual freedom? How much oversight should the government have of its citizens?

Then, we’ll roll on to the Hong Kong protests, considering the following:

China’s government monitors individuals’ Internet access, and the “Great Chinese Firewall” censors what Chinese Internet users can see. People outside China who used Google to search “Hong Kong protests” could read news reports and see images of protesters gathered in front of the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong. Google, however, is blocked in China, so these images weren’t available to people in the country.

What reasons can you suggest to explain why China has created these controls? As you see it, should the Chinese government censor information such as details about the Hong Kong protests? Give reasons to support your response.

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