Social 30: Overview of the Cold War

Here is a collection of notes on the Cold War.

You will note MANY key terms, events, ideas, and themes including (but not limited to):

  • Marshall vs Molotov Doctrines
  • Expansionism vs Containment
  • Yalta and Potsdam Conferences
  • Destalinization vs re-stalinization
  • Berlin Wall vs Berlin Airlift
  • Proxy Wars (Afghanistan vs Vietnam)
  • The Second Red Scare (McCarthyism)
  • Protest movements

These–and other –themes will be our focus for the next week or so.

LearnNorthCarolina resources (website)

Crash Course History (video)

CNN’s epic, 24 episode Cold War series (video)

More academic overview (academic textbook)

Roots of the Cold War (PPT)

Cold War Overview (PPT)

Cold War Textbook Tie In (PPT)

30-2 Cold War Intro Vocabulary

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