Social 30: Russian Revolution Notes + Definitions

  1. The Russian Revolution

Connecting with our understanding of economic systems, the Russian Revolution sets the stage for the first attempts at communism. The distinct form of communism introduced by Lenin–War Communism–is a perversion. This system and revolution connects to our economics unit and Cold War Unit.

30-2: Outline the causes of the Russian Revolution (8). Provide details on each.

30-1: Evaluate the three most important causes of the Russian Revolution. Why were these factors more important than the others?

2. Definitions

There are a number of terms that are essential to understanding the various forms of dictatorship.

All students: Define the following terms using Marzano’s method*–junta, oligarchy, monarchy, one party state, benevolent dictatorship, despotism, cult of personality, banana republic (not the store), great man theory.

*Provide a description, explanation, or example of the new term; construct a picture, symbol or graphic representing the word; discuss the terms with one another. Alternatively, you may use the Frayer method — see me for an organizer.

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