Social 30: Postmodernism and The Key

Postmodernism is a tricky ideology to pin down: It’s actually not quite an ideology, per se, as it arrives from art.

Modernism was the dominant style of the 20th Century: logic and learning from the past were highly valued. There was a premium on “original” ideas but still a search for the “meaning of life”. Items made were grounded in reality.

This all began to change after WWII when postmodernism started finding its stride. The turmoil of the war and the subsequent shift in the global environment made it so there was a great deal of uncertainty: Art–and ideology–reflected this.

Postmodernism is generally seen as rejecting the ideas of consumerism and creeping government involvement (like surveillance).

Whereas modernism believed there was one knowledge–gleaned from books and professors–postmodernism rejects any one truth…particularly as we move into an Internet connected world. In other words, subjectivity vs objectivity. 

Throughout the course you have seen a set of keys as your background image. The image comes from this mini graphic presentation: The Key. [Here’s an interview about it, too.]

Assignment: Using your newfound knowledge of POSTMODERNISM, read the comic THE KEY and detail how it relates to the course material and what elements of postmodernism it embraces.

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