Social 30: Russian Rev PPT and Current Events Task


This is a very brief PPT on the rise and spread of communism in Russia. I skip over large swaths of things–most notably Stalin–because I’d rather be there for discussions on the man of steel. Such is life–he’s a better fit for the Cold War anyhow.

Enjoy wading through this and making sense of it!

Russian Revolution Communisn Complete

Task: Create a timeline of key events–from my notes and elsewhere–pertaining to the Russian Revolution/


Donald Trump has unloaded 60 cruise missiles onto a Syrian military compound. Next week we will be discussing if this is an appropriate move for the President or not as part of a formal debate.

Questions to consider: Does the President have the authority to make these actions? Are his actions just?  What is a just war? How will this impact the Syrian refugee crisis (and American allies like Turkey, Germany, and Canada). Has the world been too soft on the crimes committed by countries like Syria? How do we determine what appropriate consequences are? How does this align with the President’s campaign promises? Etc.

BBC Explainer on “Just War”

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