Social 30: Techniques of Dictatorships

Which method(s) used in political systems is/are the most important to maintain a dictatorship? Some you can consider include censorship, indoctrination, use of secret police, propaganda, fixing elections, purges, charisma, or any other techniques you deem relevant.

30-1: We watched this video on Idi Amin’s techniques. Your job is to compare him to one other dictator based on the Dictator’s Playbook series. Your comparison should be no more than one page in length. It should include no less than four (4) techniques of a dictatorship. You may use any format including essay, notes, infographic, etc.

30-2: Create a recipe for dictatorship. It should follow recipe conventions — so many cups of this, baked this way, etc–and be aesthetically pleasing. Which items are most important to make a dictatorship? Exemplar: Recipe for Genocide (1)

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