Social 30: Angry Inuk “Levels” Activity

After watching Angry Inuk, complete ONE PROMPT FROM EACH LEVEL 1/2 OR ALL OF LEVEL 3 below. 

Note: While viewing, jot down five ideas for discussion, or questions
that the film raised for you.

Level 1:

  • Seal meat is the Inuit’s primary source of food, and provides
    their main income. All parts of the animal are used, ensuring
    sustainable harvest. Are the rights of seals more or less
    important than Inuit rights? Explain.
  • How do the Inuit identify with their community? What
    are the common bonds among the Inuit in this film? What
    challenges do they face in expressing their dissatisfaction
    with the animal rights groups and the European Union?

Level 2:

  • The European Union ban stops a renewable and sustainable
    harvest. If seal hunting is done in humane and sustainable
    ways, should hunting be limited, better regulated or stopped
    completely? What criteria should be required to select
    specific animals for a ban? Should seal be the only animal?
    Why or why not?
  • Who benefits from the EU seal hunt ban? Do you think the
    EU seal hunt ban will ever be overturned? Explain. What
    implications does this decision have for the Inuit? For the
    government? For all Canadians?

Level 3 (no choice):

PART 1: “Share” a #Sealfie photo
Using #Sealfie, you will design a social media post that illustrates support for seal hunting that is visual in nature and could be shared on Insta, Snap, Twitter, etc.

Part 2: Letter/email
You will write a letter/email to the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans outlining your views on the recent European Union ban on seal trade. You should then include solutions and include information from the film. Address long-term solutions
that will help the Inuit preserve their culture and improve their food security.
Politicians are generally very concerned with public opinion and as a result, any letter they receive has the potential to make an impact on any future decisions they may be involved with or which pertain to a given issue.

A well written, well-aimed letter can be a very powerful lobbying tool when it comes to making decisions that deal with environmental issues. Naming the minister in charge is much more effective than a generic letter.

During the research phase of this assignment, you will gather the facts outlining the key points on both sides of the recent European Union ban on seal trade. Once your research has been completed, the letter-writing process begins.

Each letter/email must include relevant facts, including why you are personally interested in this issue. All letters must be well written and typed. Writing style, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, expressing yourself well in the letter and providing the facts without undue personal bias will be taken into account during the evaluation of the letter/email.


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