Social 9: Current Events Issue Summary on Boreal Forest and Pipelines

Perhaps the biggest current event in Alberta–and some would argue, this country–is the pipeline drop dead date from Kinder Morgan on the Keystone XL.

Advocates of the pipeline argue it is in the “national interest”; it is unparalleled in the amount of environmental protection it provides; it will help Alberta oil reach international, rather than weak US, prices; and the revenue from it will provide access to pharmacare and other social services.

Opponents of the pipeline are unreserved in their criticism: The cost for the environment is simply too high. Traditional First Nations lands, the coastline of BC (and tourism/fishing jobs that go with it), and more will be ravaged in the event of a potential spill, from either the pipeline or increased tanker traffic.


Your task is to create a Readers Digest Condensed Review or Issue Summary. Citing sources, you will create a 1-2 page summary of ALL sides of the issue, using quotes, actual facts, and citing your sources–a minimum of 5– along the way. Your Issue Summary needs to be focused around this question: To what extent should environmental safeguards and economic freedom be balanced? Your opinion will be evident throughout your issue summary but must never be stated (as in “I believe”). Evidence from Chapter 9 should be utilized in your response.

Potential Source:

Potential Source:


  1. pg 311 both critical thinking challenges (Inuit)
  2. pg 315 all three critical thinking challenges (Bush, supply/demand)
  3. pg 319 (yellow box) EXTENDED response
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