Social 9: History and Legacy of Canada’s Immigration Policies

You’ll be working in your table groups for this.

STEP 1: Build an Exhibit

In this first step you’ll be utilizing the Canadian Museum of History’s Crossroads of Culture module to build a museum exhibit of your own based on their artifacts.

*Note: Because we are using such large groups, instead of 4 items, as the assignment calls for, we’ll be finding 6.*

When examining artifacts: “Look at the Catalogue Search page, showing the results of selecting “View all items in the collection” at the bottom of the introductory page. Each artifact name links to the artifact record. By selecting “Previous” or “Next”, students can see more thumbnail
images of artifacts. Show the artifact record that you have selected. Together, examine the artifact record, including the image and the fields of information.”

Things to consider…”While examining the artifact record and image, explain that this is an object that was either brought to Canada by, or made in Canada by, immigrants. Brainstorm about the artifact. What do we know about the artifact? What don’t we know about it? What would you like to

Using the museum website and other sources of information complete any additional research necessary about your artifacts.

A brief presentation from each group is required.

STEP 2: Annotate Information

In Step 2 you’ll be making notes on the pages from the Canadian Museum of History detailing Canadian Immigration in their Crossroads of Canada feature. You can find the detailed information here.

STEP 3: Further Information + Present

Each group, online and in person, will then read a page from the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and prepare a brief presentation to the other half of the class.

Team A: Timeline of Immigrations Acts and Legislation

Team B: MS St Louis Case Study

Each group should work together to synthesize the material into the most important facts and then create a video not exceeding 3 minutes in length on their respective topic(s).


STEP 4: Evaluating Policies

Read the Profile Cards provided to your group while considering the question “Is Canada’s response to refugees something I can be proud of?

Questions for further inquiry:

a. Were a lot of people affected?
b. Was it an immediate threat?
c. How many people did Canada accept?
d. How quickly did Canada respond?

You will rate your cards on a five point scale (+2, +1, 0, -1, -2) based on your answer and present your cards to your peers. You will be given opportunities to discuss as well as to adjust your ratings.

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