Social 9: Essay on Charter Apologies

Contained within this school is an apology from Prime Minister Harper for wrongs committed to Canada’s Indigenous populations. It is not the first apology of its kind and it certainly will not be the last (indeed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently apologized for government wrongs committed to homosexual employees).

Your task is to research various apologies the government has offered–and the abuses behind those apologies–then synthesize your research into a response to the following prompt:

Why would the Charter of Rights and Freedoms cause the Canadian government to apologize to certain groups of peoples for events that had occurred before 1982?  List some groups of peoples who the government did apologize to and explain why they did.  Do you agree  or disagree with the Government’s decision to apologize for past injustices?  Justify your response.

Your mark will be based upon the following rubric:

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