Sports Performance: Gr 10 vs 11/12 Split

Grade 10s:

Write a brief description and history of each of the following group fitness activities and include any relevant information on where the program is offered nearby.

  1. Rhythmic based low impact classes
  2. Kickboxing
  3. Step Aerobics
  4. Cardio and Core Style classes
  5. Aquatics Group Exercise
  6. Deep Water Aerobics
  7. Classes based on martial arts
  8. Boot Camp Style Classes

Grade 11/12:

Please research the idea of periodization (think peak training). Discuss why it helps injury prevention and how it can be used to help non-athletes train. THEN, describe the following variables’ role on a training routine…

  • Exercise
  • Order of exercise
  • Rest
  • Sets
  • Tempo
  • Repetitions
  • Load/Intensity
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