Sports Performance: Rec 2015 Specific Sport Development

In meeting outcome 3 (inclusive of its sub-outcomes) we need to refer to the Long Term Athlete Development model.

As a teacher, I have to have goals for my growth and learning every year. LTAD is within my growth plan as an area I focus on as a teacher of kids of all ages.

More information can be found here.

Your outcomes:

Reminder: In order to meet the outcomes you need to provide substantive evidence. For 3.1, ALL necessary fundamentals should be applied. I gave the example of basketball — don’t just think dribbling, but go beyond it, down to things like court vision/trapping. For 3.2, explain how you’d measure each of the fundamental skills and, for 3.3, how those measurements could be used to recommend specific skills. In addressing 3.3 make sure you’re giving me the profile of no fewer than three athletes and recommending cross training activities / off season sports they can use to benefit themselves. 3.4 allows you to go back to being sport specific, providing one activity for each of the fundamental skills above, connecting it directly to the stage in the LTAD model, while citing your sources for activities (if adapted from a coach you’ve had please name them!).

Outcome 3.5 will require slightly more input from me and will be done as the last step of the task.

Bonne chance!


REC3015 Flexibility

You must be able to demonstrate each…

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